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Thursday, 18 December 2014

x-files essay

How does the opening sequence to the X-Files Squeeze attract the audience?

In this episode of the x-files there is a person called Eugene victor tooms who is a killer mutant who only goes after people with damaged livers he then he can shape his body to fit through the smallest of spaces. He only kills 4 people when he comes out of hibernation which he hibernates for 30 years. Scully and Mulder are the two agents that are sent to try and sort the case but after Eugene is captured he is let out of his mental institution  he goes after Scully for his final kill before hibernating.

The X-Files and CSI have the same start of someone dying or someone finding a body audience expectation and anticipation both shows use of the horror/thriller genre.

Establishing shot which is a long high shot showing where they are. Its dark it’s the x-files which means you know what’s going to happen. The scene dissolves from 1 to 2.

The purpose of the high angle shot of the man leaving the building tells you he’s the one to die the angle makes him look isolated and vulnerable.

The effect of the editing when the man is walking to his car while he’s being observed makes him look vulnerable everything goes grey around him but he is normal it adds tension because the series of edits from the drain to the man until you notice a pair of yellow eyes staring at the camera out of the drain.

The man I slowed down and everything is de-saturated to tell the audience he’s the target he’s the one going to die. He also has a yellowy glow to his skin. The man has liver damage because his skin is yellowish.

The sound used in the sequence is a low quiet relaxing song at the start when you first see the man outside the building, then when you see the man in the drain the song turns into strings being plucked (sound motifs) everyone is getting quitter while the strings being plucked is getting louder. It also has a crescendo.

The man is made the victim when there is no one watching the security cameras so he is definitely alone or is he? You see a jump cut to the elevator that has the doors open but the elevator isn’t there you here and the wires shaking off each other as though there is someone climbing up the elevator shaft.

You can’t see behind the man as he walks away because they don’t want to reveal the killer. The man walks into his dark office ( mise-en-scene) the man sits down and realises he wants a coffee he goes to make one and the camera tracks behind him as though he was being followed.

Then as the camera leaves the room it keeps changing from him to the vent but then the vent starts to have a screw coming out as though there is someone unscrewing it and a loud screeching sound is playing as the music starts to die down the vent opens up for an innuendo.

In the final section after the actual murder the significance of the camera movement and sound is used like the camera is a quick movement to his room which is pitch black so you can’t see in the room and after the door closes the man is attacked and the you can see the curtains moving then you see the door handle moving because he wants to get out then it breaks. Then when the camera gets into the room you can see something that looks like blood dripping from the desk to the ground then when the camera tracks up you see its coming from the coffee cup so you think it is just the coffee that is dripping then the camera tracks to the right and in the reflection of the picture you can see his dead body lying in the chair/sofa. The camera tracks around the room and you see the globe that the man was playing with is now gone because the person who killed him takes a little gift for himself after but you also see the coffee mug and you notice that there is some blood coming from it but you think it is coffee this is playing with the viewer’s mind but further into the episode you find out that the killer eats the livers to survive because he needs to kill 5 people in order to hibernate. Then the camera tracks over to the wall and the air vent Eugene Tooms came from, is closing and the screws start screwing back into place. Then it cuts to the title sequence. And the rest is people looking for clues.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Wilhelm Scream Compilation

The Wilhelm scream is a film and television stock sound effect that has been used in more than 200 movies, beginning in 1951 for the film Distant Drums. The scream is often used when someone is shot, falls from a great height, or is thrown from an explosion

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Annabelle 2014 Trailer Oficial



North by NorthWest murder scene
Helps construct a narrative we are so used to editing we barely even notice it is called 'invisible' editing.

Editing can be used to condense long boring activities into quick burst of useful information.

Edits or transitions come in many forms the simplest and most commonly used of these are cut.

In the assassination scene in 'north by northwest' by the time Roger Thornhill getting out a taxi and looking out the united nations windows there was 27 scene cuts.

The pace of editing is fast in the shower scene in psycho and after she is dying the pace is slowing down to add tension to the scene.

Apart from the cuts there are some more visually interesting transitions.

Dissolve: One scene dissolves into another overlapping for a moment.

Fade out/in: one scene fades to black then another scene fades in.

Wipes: one scene wipes across the screen revealing or replacing the next one this can happen in any direction.

Iris: the next scene replaces the last by appearing from the centre like the iris of an eye.

Jump cuts: two scenes that feature a common element right after one another so something stays the same but the rest changes this is used for disorientating or comedy effect.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


extreme long shot
long shot
medium long shot

medium shot

medium close up

close up

extreme close up

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Mise-En-Scene is everything in the scene.
this is the sharks POV
E.G Lighting , Costume , Setting and Composition. This is used on the JAWS opening scene where the camera is at the sharks point of view and it is in the ocean looking through the coral reefs and it makes the effect of someone is going to die. Then later in the movie when the little boy is attacked that is on the lilo the camera is far away from the main character then when he realises the camera zooms in to show the recognition in his face .This is called the trombone effect.
this is the trombone effect
camera angles are really important in horror genre movies they add to the effect to make them look bigger or smaller

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


the exorcist III has good camera angles like a full face shot and a shot from the side following her to the end of the attic makes it much better and the dark atmosphere adds to the tension that is building in the scene and then they have shots of the props like the mouse traps the music also adds to the scariness because there is none there is just the sounds that she could hear like the wind and the rattling and then there was a jumpscare of a old man at the entrance that when she spotted him he candle flaired up. she is isolated because she is a venerable woman in her pyjamas and it makes you feel as if the devil is going to posses her but then the man pops up and gives her a fright. The camera angle makes it look like she is being followed behind cardboard boxes and she sees the mouse trap still working and hasn't been touched so you can rule out any chances of t being rats knocking stuff over off shelves.

what a scary movie

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Thursday, 4 September 2014

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