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Wednesday, 8 October 2014



North by NorthWest murder scene
Helps construct a narrative we are so used to editing we barely even notice it is called 'invisible' editing.

Editing can be used to condense long boring activities into quick burst of useful information.

Edits or transitions come in many forms the simplest and most commonly used of these are cut.

In the assassination scene in 'north by northwest' by the time Roger Thornhill getting out a taxi and looking out the united nations windows there was 27 scene cuts.

The pace of editing is fast in the shower scene in psycho and after she is dying the pace is slowing down to add tension to the scene.

Apart from the cuts there are some more visually interesting transitions.

Dissolve: One scene dissolves into another overlapping for a moment.

Fade out/in: one scene fades to black then another scene fades in.

Wipes: one scene wipes across the screen revealing or replacing the next one this can happen in any direction.

Iris: the next scene replaces the last by appearing from the centre like the iris of an eye.

Jump cuts: two scenes that feature a common element right after one another so something stays the same but the rest changes this is used for disorientating or comedy effect.

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