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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


the exorcist III has good camera angles like a full face shot and a shot from the side following her to the end of the attic makes it much better and the dark atmosphere adds to the tension that is building in the scene and then they have shots of the props like the mouse traps the music also adds to the scariness because there is none there is just the sounds that she could hear like the wind and the rattling and then there was a jumpscare of a old man at the entrance that when she spotted him he candle flaired up. she is isolated because she is a venerable woman in her pyjamas and it makes you feel as if the devil is going to posses her but then the man pops up and gives her a fright. The camera angle makes it look like she is being followed behind cardboard boxes and she sees the mouse trap still working and hasn't been touched so you can rule out any chances of t being rats knocking stuff over off shelves.

what a scary movie

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